Three Pathways of Self-Discovery 

  • Learn to overcome patterns of chronic tension or pain

  • Cultivate a strong mind-body self-care practice

  • Develop a sense of harmony with your body, rather than a sense of discord

  • Heal and prevent injuries

  • Discover your own personal wisdom and that answers can come from within

  • Uncover a greater sense of safety in your mind, body, and emotional self

  • Work holistically, utilizing tools from the Alexander Technique, Somatic Experiencing┬«, and Mindful Self-Compassion

  • Learn how to play guitar free from unnecessary habits of excess tension and strain

  • Learn to shed the physical, mental, and emotional blocks hindering your musical progress

  • Learn to overcome fears, insecurities, and anxieties when playing in front of others


"Working with Jack has been profound and life altering and I recommend him highly.  The integrity, commitment, and presence he brings to each session is what makes working with him so deeply effective."

-Justone Bossert


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